Have you ever thought that you can earn profit by selling 5 Rupee coin which you can get from normal circulation and sell them at a very good price. If not, then read complete blog and you will get information about it as well as you will also know where you can sell it and earn good profit.

You can make profit by collecting normal 5 rupees from general circulation So, this coin can give you from 300 rupee to 1500 rupees per coin. So, if the 5 rupee from 2004 having star mark at bottom as shown in image then coin is valuable and give you from 300 to 1500 rupee according to the condition of coin. that star mark represent that this coin is stuck from Hyderabad mint.

So, if you are having this coin kindly please comment on this blog. but please keep in mind only 5 rupees with star mark coin is having some value not every coin is having value.

Kindly Please Note: Coin must be from India Mint (⭐ Mark)

Specification of Coin
Metal: Copper-nickel Weight: 9 g

Price According to Condition

ConditionLowFineExtremely FineUntouched Coin

How to Sell your 5 Rupee Rare Coins

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